Jodi Benson as Mermaid

[Text by lar3ry gensch]

"Jodi Benson as Mermaid" (jodimer.gif, 583x766x2, 9577 bytes) is the fifty-third in a continuing series of fine Disney fanart drawings by Bob Ito <ito@[...]>. You may wish to save this description in a separate file for future reference.

Bob has cast a few Disney characters as mermaids in the past, including Belle (Ito Galleries #2) and Jasmine (Ito Galleries #52). Here we see the voice of The Little Mermaid, the talented Jodi Benson, sitting on a rock somewhere out at sea.

Bob Ito reports that this was his first try at drawing a non-toon in years. From the looks of things, I would say that this is an image that will appeal to all the Jodi Benson, Little Mermaid, and Bob Ito fans out there in!

[ jodimer.gif ]